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Suddenly It Hits You! 10 Way to Know You’ve Become an Adult!

These last few years I’ve noticed a change in my behaviors and mannerisms. Priorities have shifted and so have my hobbies and values. I’m at a point where I now look back at my former self and cringe…. yup, I think I’ve become an adult. So my newest list is titled

Suddenly It Hits You! Surprise, You’ve Become an Adult!

  1. You no longer plan a Friday/Saturday night out on the town. Instead, you look forward to a quiet evening on the couch at home. Long gone are the days where you hit up the hottest night club. Now you look forward to the hottest series on Netflix!
  2. You traded in your short dresses and skirts for yoga pants and sweaters. Classy or comfy has replaced sexy in your wardrobe.
  3. Speaking of sexy, you see others in said short dresses/skirts and find that your response to this sounds distinctly familiar to something your mother would say, or maybe even your grandma. Hint: it starts with the same letter, but it’s not “sexy” that comes to your lips.
  4. Long gone are the trips to the mall and shopping for the newest fashions or hot trends. Now your favorite places consist of Home Depot, Menards, and Target. As an adult you get more excited about tile and new linens!
  5. You value sleep! Where once you pulled an “all-nighter,” now it’s more dreamy to crawl in bed before 10pm!
  6. You find yourself doing the things that before were only things your parents did. Things like: saving for retirement, saving for kids college, …saving in general. You have a financial plan, a retirement plan, maybe some stocks…. all things that seemed like you’d “never need that.”
  7. Your most recent contacts generally include more than one call to your mom, dad, or sibling. You’ve come full circle from resenting to respecting the value of family. Mom and Dad rank right up there as your “besties.” You value their friendship, their advice, their input. If you’re lucky to live near them, you probably value time with them and weekly visits as well.
  8. Your driving situation has become vastly different. The “cool” car you dreamed of in your younger years is replaced with visions of decked out mini vans dancing in your head. Speaking of driving, carpooling no longer means whose the designated driver, but now means shuffling around kids in an effort to limit the time spent as a taxi driver.
  9. The gap is now glaring between you and younger generations. You are baffled by selfies and dabbin (isn’t dabbing when you press against something lightly to absorb…not a dance move?!). You look down at “those” kids and think, “we never acted like that. we never did that?!”
  10. The best part of adult life, is you appreciate the simple things. You appreciate the daily grind. You no longer need things to be glitzy or glam. You are content with yourself and your life.

Reaching the point of being “adult” rocks!

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