You Know You’re the Parent of an Infant …

As I trudge through parenthood this past year, I have found myself doing many things I said I would never do. I have found myself doing things I never thought I would do. I call this list…


You know you’re the parent of an infant when….

  1. You take turns alternating with your spouse between whose going in the store to run errands and who is going to drive around the parking lot so that the baby stays sleeping.
  2. The only reason you stay up late is because the baby is sick or can’t fall asleep. Otherwise 9pm no longer seems like an inappropriate adult bed time.
  3. You’re life seems to consist of two categories- the time spent with your busy infant and the two precious hours when your baby is sleeping and you have “me time.” (Personally, I now have a to-do list and know how I will spend this time days in advance).
  4. You choose your outfits thinking about what colors blend best with baby stains.
  5. You creep around your house like a ninja- ah yes, that’s just nap time. (I even find myself afraid the baby will hear my hair dryer through the baby monitor and wake up…as if it is interactive).
  6. Long gone are the deep insightful conversations. In their place are “so big,” “uh-oh,” and at our house, “ouchies happen”.
  7. You no longer require an alarm. The annoying beeping you’re accustomed to has been replaced by a cry or babble. Unfortunately, this new “alarm” doesn’t let you choose the time. The only time your old alarm is used is when you want to sneak in some time before baby wakes. If you’re like me, this time seems to be creeping earlier and earlier. It’s as if baby thinks, “yeah mommy…6am is a better  time to wake… I’ll join you!”
  8. During your conversations at work, you slip and say, “no-no,” “uh-oh,” and “silly” when they make mistakes. Even better is when you excuse yourself because you have to go “potty”. These words are accompanied by your baby tone of voice too. Whoops!
  9. It looks like Toys-R-Us barfed in your living room. Actually, more like your whole house. The bright colored toys invade every nook and cranny of your house!
  10. You are more tired than you have ever been…but you find you are also more happy than you’ve ever been. There’s a little being that can melt your heart in the blink of an eye.

If you’ve experienced any of these, you’re definitely the parent of an infant!

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