You Know You’re Parenting a Toddler…

img_5105-copyJust as quickly as they can, your baby grows to become a toddler. With toddlerhood come a whole host of new up and downs. So I call this segment, “You Know You’re Parenting a Toddler”

  1. With their greater independence seems to bring on your lack of independence. They are requiring more of your time and it’s on their agenda. Long gone are the days of sitting on the toilet in private… they are quickly following behind you and if they aren’t …they are probably getting into trouble somewhere else in the house.
  2. Nothing is sacred in the home anymore. You look away for a second and your toilet paper roll looks like a disregarded wad on the floor, the contents of your cabinets are quickly scattered around the room. Blink and it looks like a tornado has struck the contents of your home.
  3. Speaking of nothing sacred, the same holds true for your day. You may have a wonderful day planned, but that little ball of joy holds the real plans. He has the ability to change or derail you in 10 seconds. You think you are in charge… think again!
  4. What’s with the toilet? It seems to be the shrine of fascination. From the flusher to throwing anything and everything inside, I may have to equip mine with a padlock soon!
  5. Long gone are the days when you had the current Pop songs stuck in your head. Now you find yourself rocking out to “Twinkle Twinkle” and other toddler appropriate titles.
  6. You’re still picking out your outfits based on what compliments the look of stains. Black may no longer be my favorite fashion color.
  7. You’re driving compares to a teenager.. only you’re not on your phone. You’re trying to grow a few extra arms to reach behind the seat and hand toys, food, img_4992and sippy cups that have fallen or been chucked around the car.
  8. You regularly bring out your sleuthing skills. Where did they put ____(you fill in the blank)? Now that they are on the move, if you look away, you are sure to find things gone missing. Case in point: though I ransacked this house, there are currently two sippy cups of apple juice missing. I’ve dedicated ample time and my full detective skills, motivated by the ants I imagine somewhere enjoying these cups.  I’ve looked under all furniture and in every cupboard, but to no avail. This toddler has outsmarted me.
  9. You become a translator you never knew you were. “Uhh” and “ahh” each have meanings and you’re the one who knows the translation. Uhh may mean “I’d like a snack” at certain times or “can I turn on the light” at others. Until they develop some vocabulary, mom is constantly translating this little creatures needs.
  10. Despite all these new jobs and headaches, your heart has never been more full. As your toddler explores this world, your heart will swell with pride. You will smile as you watch their learning and growth happen before your eyes. Wimg_4989hen they follow the first direction (go get your book) or you watch their first frustrations (I can’t reach the Pop-Tarts mom put on the top shelf), you will see the personality of your toddler developing. The feeling of being mom during this stage is a feeling like no other! You realize you wouldn’t trade any of these moments!

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