You know you have Two Children under Two…

Here at the Peterberry residence, we are adjusting to life with two little ones at home. When I decided to have another baby I thought, “how hard could it be?” Well these past two months I’ve learned that having two under the age of two presents some unique challenges. Here’s the Top 10 ways you know you have Two Children under Two:

  1. You spend most days in survival mode. You apply your management skills of old to daily life. How quickly can you change this diaper or feed this baby to get to the next one who is crying in the room over.
  2. You find that you can multi-task something fierce. You can make a bottle, cook a meal, and play cars all at one time. Sure your head feels like it may spin right off at times, but none of your little people feels slighted.
  3. With all those extra requirements, your mind is a constant whirl. I find myself needing to write myself a reminder for even the simplest things. I’m surprised I haven’t resorted to a Post-it about changing my own underwear!
  4. You laugh when the rest of the world says they’re tired. You now know the TRUE meaning of tired. Who wouldn’t want sleepless nights followed by sleepless days. An infant who is up every two hours and a toddler who wakes at 6:30am. Your life is fueled by Red Bull, coffee, and the adrenaline it takes to watch two little munchkins.
  5. Your body can now achieve great feats. No, I don’t mean in the physical sense (who has time for working out?). I mean your body can do things you never knew possible…like your arm can somehow seem to grow an extra few inches so you can prop your infant’s bottle and hold it (“please stop crying”), while simultaneously driving (See #7 about those wonderful driving skills ).
  6. Your sophisticated kitchen pantry is now filled with finger foods and your counter-tops are littered with bottles. You have both stages in your house which means: snack cups, sippy cups, formula, etc. You have to dig through Cheerios and Gerber Graduates to see if there is anything “adult” to eat in your house. Normally you resort to dining on Goldfish crackers and raisins in between making your bottles and pouring more whole milk into a cup.
  7. Your personal hobbies are now a joke. The dust is collecting on the books, the crafts.. even the cookbooks. Already up at 4:30 to squeeze in a shower before baby #2, your personal life seems more like a distant memory.
  8. Your laundry baskets seem to be overflowing. With two small ones there is a constant influx of clothes and blankets to be washed. Nothing seems to pass their bodies without needing to be washed afterwards. It seems every time you look, there are tiny clothes that need to be washed. Not to mention you’re wardrobe needs a washing too… with spit up, and sticky fingers, no clothes in this house are safe!
  9. Nap time seems to be going on the entire day at your house. Your daily life is spent tip-toeing around the house and shushing the baby/toddler that is awake so that they don’t wake the other one sleeping. Having everyone sleeping at one time is almost a miracle and you treat it like such. All city workers (postal service, etc) know not to even THINK about knocking!

10. With two small little ones, you’re heart is full. You look at them both and couldn’t be prouder of your accomplishments. They make # 1-9 seem worth it at the end of the day when you watch their angelic sleeping faces.

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