What to pack for Baby on a Cruise

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We will be taking Baby T on a cruise  with us this week to the Caribbean. He seems to need so much on a daily basis that the thought of packing for him seemed overwhelming. I started early so that I could add to his stuff and do some research. I wanted to make sure I had everything he would need because I wasn’t sure what you could buy for baby on the cruise and I didn’t want to buy huge costs.

Here is what we decided:cruise packing baby

Disclaimer: I have been known to over pack. Especially since these warm weather outfits won’t get any use if they aren’t worn on the cruise. See my updates of things I may have chosen to leave at home.


We looked and the weather will be between 60 to 80 degrees while we are there. That being said, I know it can get chilly at night on a cruise ship. So I wanted to bring a blend of shorts and pants.

Also, while I see that some people did laundry on the cruise for their baby, this mama is NOT sacrificing time away from the pool doing laundry. I can do that at home when I return to the frigid Wisconsin temps. So I dcruise packing babyecided I needed at least one outfit a day (a few extras in case of accidents of any sort.)


Shorts- I packed 7 pairs

Pants-  I packed 5 pairs (I ended up only using about two of these, but that was because weather was great for us).

Pajamas-I  brought 2 sets- one long sleeve and one short sleeve. Even though we are going to warm weather, air conditioning could make our hotel room and cruise cabin cold.

Onesie/T-Shirts- I tend to dress Baby T in a onesie and T-shirt . each day. So I packed a total of  12 of these. (In the end it was too hot to double up… I could have left a few onesies at home).

Hats- I packed 3 of these, but definitely want to protect Baby T from the sun.

cruise packing babyDress Shirts- I know that cruises can have fancy eating establishments. I want Baby T to blend in, so I packed him 3 collared button up shirts.

Swim Suit/Shirt- Going to warmer temperatures and close the the equator, purchased a suit and top that was recommended to help block UV rays. I am bringing two of these swimsuit sets. There is nothing worse than putting on a wet suit and I imagine the same is true of trying to wedge one on the baby.

Other Items- socks and a really cute pair of flip-flops.

Food Items

Again, I cruise packing babyknow there will be food options on the cruise, but I decided I would rather be safe than sorry. So here is what I have packed.

Baby Food- I packed 12 plastic containers. (I came back with two of these. I used them a lot on excursions, the airport, and when baby didn’t want to wait to eat). 

Applesauce- I packed 5 individual containers

Apple sauce squeeze pouches- I LOVE these because you don’t need a spoon. Baby T eats 2 per sitting, so I packed 9. I thought they would be perfect for days when we leave the boat and don’t want to haul a lot of things.

Other food – 2 rolls of Ritz crackers, 1 package of graham crackers, 1 container of Gerber puffs, 1 package baby teething wafers. (I came back with 1/2 a roll of Ritz). 

Bibs- 3 of them

Utensils- 2 bowls and 3 baby spoons (I didn’t need the bowls, but definitely used the spoons).

Burp clothes- 2 of them for picking up all kinds of spills

Formula- 1 large containers and 1 sample size container (I only needed the large container. On the way home I put it in a ziploc bag and probably would have done that on the way there next time to cut down on the bulk in the suitcase). 

Bottles- 3 of them


For toys, I’dcruise packing baby bring whatever are your babies favorites. I plan to stuff some remaining toys in the suitcase for Baby T, including some smaller toys for the plane and excursions. I also included bubbles because I thought they would be fun on the cruise deck.

Baby Pool- One important thing to note bring- some sort of inflatable pool for baby. Many cruise ships won’t allow swim diapers (or babies who need them), in their pools. I’m glad I researched that ahead of time because I would have been really bummed.

I did some Amazon research and went with this Baby splash mat. I liked that it had a back support for him. We also used it in the shower to bathe him. Baby T gained a lot of baby friends with this mat because other people didn’t know that you couldn’t have babies in the pool.

Order yours by clicking here:

Diapers & Bathing

I read that you didn’t need baby washcloths and towels, but decided I still wanted the soft ones that Baby T uses. Some people mentioned buying a inflatable tu
b, but I’m going to use the splash mat I bought to use at the pool.

Diapers- I brought 40 diapers (8 days), 7 overnight diapers, and 12 swim diapers (for his splash mat and days at the beach). I also brought a regular sized pack of diaper wipes. You may also want diaper cream, but we’ve been lucky enough not to use it.

cruise packing babyBathing- I bought 1 towel, 4 washcloths, and an all purpose shampoo and body wash (I choose mine from Aveno).



Not knowing what is available, I wanted to have anything Baby T may need if he gets ill.

My List:

– Baby Tylenol

– Baby Ibuprofen

– Waterproof Sunblock- SPF 50

– Thermometer

– nail clipper

– Baby lotion

– Saline nose drops

– Ear drops

cruise packing baby– Bugger bulb (you know, the thing that gets the snot out of baby’s nose)


Other Important Things

– Ziploc Bags- great for storing a diaper you can’t get rid of, extra treats from the cruise ship to take back to the room for baby, etc.

–  Oxy spray and wash- if you aren’t doing laundry till you get home you don’t want to ruin baby’s clothes

– Stroller- we opted for a small stroller like this one:

That was the best choice we made! (See my article “5 Tips for Cruising with an Infant.”)

– Baby bjorn (Never used it). 

– pacifers

– a couple blankets for baby (crib sheets are provided by the cruise)


Phew, I think that is it. Baby T needed his own adult sized luggage, but I think we are all set!

Look at that happy little cruiser!


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