What Matters Most in Your Life?

CaptureToday I had a whole plan of things to get done. The “Sunday rush” before the week starts. I even thought I was “too busy” to join the family for church. I’m so glad that God willed me to spend that hour in church because it changed my whole daily perspective. The sermon was about “What Matters Most.” After one hour, I found my priorities for the day have drastically changed:


1. Grade 23 Informational Writing Papers

2. Clean House

3. Do nursery crafts

4. Finish book

5. Spend time with family

I set out this morning on a day that was focused around myself and “getting things done.” As our church, Christchurch,  finished the series, “30 Days to Live,” one of the quotes really hit home:

My entire lifetime is just a moment…invest in what matters!


What really matters in my life? If your life?

What matters most is our relationships! With God and with each other!

I quickly thought about my day when I heard that. I wasn’t planning to spend my day focusing on what really matters. I was going to focus on superficial things.

I can start Monday with a messy house and an unfinished book. If I had 30 days left in my life, I would reflect back on the time I spent with friends and family. So, today I’m going to put those superficial things aside and spend time with those I love. The grading can wait, the children won’t wait. They continue to grow and these moments are precious. I’ll set down the grading pen and mop, and pick up my bike or some games instead. Now hopefully the weather will cooperate too!

What matters most in your life? Is your day aligned with those things?



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