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I’m a Victory Mom and Proud of it!

Being part of our blended family for seven years now, it has definitely been a roller-coaster of emotions for everyone, including me. One of the things that bugged me early on was my status. Stepmom.  Ugg. It’s like it has a ring with “mom” in it, but everyone who hears the “step” prior to mom suddenly gets a face like they just ate a lemon. Not really the reaction I want for a job that I think is so important.

How did step-parenting get that bad wrap. Did Cinderella doom us all? What’s the deal with the negativity associated with stepmoms? Whatever it is or was, I don’t want to be associated with a term that bstepmom Cinderellarings such terrible images.

Early on, my berries knew that I hated that term. So one day Chase said, “I’ll call you my “Victory Mom” because you teach me Math.

Hallelujah! Victory Mom! As you can guess, that stuck in our house. Who wouldn’t want to be called a Victory Mom. Instead of stepmom- a step down, just step on me, step below— I would now be associated with victory– who wouldn’t want that!?!

I can walk with my head held high! I AM A VICTORY MOM! What I  bring to these two children is joy and structure… who cares if I didn’t bring them into this world? That doesn’t matter. I care for them and would give my life for them. Isn’t that the most simplistic definition of a parent?

As I watch them grow, I know it’s a victory for both me and them. As I watch them grow to love many of my hobbies (photography, baking, travel, running) and watch them make gains in school, I know that my role is important and they gain something from having me around. 10-5-14 (141)

How many of your are Victory moms or dads? I applaud you for your efforts and the victory your children have received from having you in their lives. We don’t always get a lot of credit, but it’s definitely a small victory for any child who gains another person to love them and mold them into who they want to be. I’m a Victory Mom and proud of it… who’s with me?

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