Two Cakes You Need to Add to your Recipe Box

ID-100113714Tonight I started baking treats for a staff breakfast. I was in charge of the sweets. I always come back to my two favorites: carrot cake & banana cake. Both have to have cream cheese frosting of course!

Once again, these two recipes were delicious and fool-proof:

  1. Of all the carrot cakes I have made, I love making this one because it works perfect for serving (it’s cupcakes!) and the brown sugar cream cheese frosting is excellent! Check out the recipe on Celebrating Sweets blog.
  2. The next is a delicious banana cake with cream cheese frosting (Peterberry children tested and approved) from itsy bitsy foodie.


These are two to Pin and try!


Look whose 10 months old today!

Personally, I felt a bit like superwoman baking tonight after work. Especially since I combined it to my already full Wednesday schedule: walk the dogs three miles, bathe and read to baby, and make it in time for family book club night. I love those days where you feel like super mom. I’d call that a Victory Mom win!

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