Toddler Time ~ Colored Rice

Awhile back I posted about making sensory bottles. After a refreshing weekend away with my husband, I returned ready to try my hand at some more toddler orientated projects.

This time I wanted to try my hand at a colored rice activity.

img_57671I got the idea from Teaching Mama. You can follow her directions for coloring rice.

What I found was that for a 15 month old, it didn’t matter that the rice was colored. I also tried the idea to hide small objects in the rice for Tyler to discover. Again, he didn’t really care for hunting for objects.

He did, however, have a TON of fun feeling and playing in the rice! He favorite part was throwing it out of the container!

Look at that excitement... and yes, that is rice flying!

Look at that excitement… and yes, that is rice flying!

I will definitely let him play in rice again, but I will probably save myself the hours prior of making it pretty! He just wants to squish and throw it!-

Note: I would also put a tarp down in the play space. My deck and lawn are covered in rice!

The leftover rice I poured into a water bottle to provide some more sensory bottles. This time I hot glued the caps shut since Tyler can now open bottles.  img_58001

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