Toddler Must- One Product That Changed how he Eats!

IMG_4647I have been experiencing some food pickiness from Tyler recently. Now that he is able to feed himself, that’s all he wants to do. Because of this, he seems to be lacking in the vegetable department. I tried giving him peas, corn, etc, but all he does is fling them over the side of his highchair. I tried disguising them by putting them in the apple sauce I was feeding him, but he would feel them and spit them out.

I wanted to find something I could do to ensure he was still eating a variety of foods, while encouraging the independence he wanted in feeding himself.

Enter this product:

They are called Eco Squish reusable food pouches. I got the idea because Tyler loved the applesauce squeeze pouches. Those were expensive and I was looking for something with vegetables. While Gerber does have some products that include vegetables, I wasn’t about to pay $2 per pouch.

Now I’m able to mix up his applesauce with spinach or make other “smoothie-type” concoctions and he will eat them! I’ve put yogurt in here and have also started making some of the baby foods he enjoyed and putting them in here.  He loves feeding20160711_104826 himself from these pouches. He even tries to take them out out of the dishwasher and suck them.

Even better is the fact I’m saving money because they are reusable. They come in a pack of 8 and sell on Amazon (see above link if you agree these are gold!)

It feels good to watch his palette of tastes increasing again and I feel even better when I know I’m saving the family some money at the same time!

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