Getting Ready for a Baby: Things to Buy for Baby #2

As you may know, the littlest of the Peterberries is expected to make an arrival early September. Even though it feels a lot less stressful considering we have so much from Tyler, there are still some things making my registry or “to buy” list.

I thought my list may be helpful to those also in this situation.

Crib vs. Bed: When I found out I was pregnant and would have two under the age of 2, we needed to decide whether to purchase another crib. We concluded, that by the time baby needs a crib, we will just transition Tyler to a toddler bed. With Ttys roomyler we used a bassinet for the first four months. So that means Tyler will be 1.5 years by the time our little girl needs a crib. We decided a toddler bed was more economical and with that we needed a guard rail. We found a cheap guard rail at Goodwill, but they also sell them at Amazon. We actually went with a twin sized bed so that Tyler can use this bed for several years.

Highchair-  Many things I read said that I would need two highchairs. Well my house already feels like it’s bursting at the seams, so I did some math. Baby Girl won’t be eating first foods until four months. For Tyler we used the Bumbo seat for the first two months. That means Tyler will be at least 2 by the time she needs a highchair. Therefore, we purchased a booster seat for him instead of a new highchair for her. That seemed to be most cost effective AND we were able to score one at a rummage sale for $15! Much cheaper and a lot less room. We’ve already been using it to take along when we go to Grandma’s house for lunches.

Stroller I LOVE to walk so this was the first thing I wanted. We needed a two seater stroller. We found a cheap one on a resale page on Facebook. My husband, being ever the thrifty man, also found a “Sit n Stand” on the side of the road which he cleaned up. Finally, we found a free jogging stroller on a resale site and got that. Our family likes to do family 5k’s and we needed something to push the new baby in.

Bigger Diaper Bag:  2 sizes of diapers….2 sizes of back up clothes. Yes, I was definitely gonna need to trade my compact diaper bag in for a bigger size. I found one bigger at Target and it was on sale!

Dresser We wanted to think ahead so we got a second dresser that would hopefully match and grow with our new addition.

Diapers- It’s back to size Newborn. I don’t even want to think about all the diapers we will be having in this house with two kids in diapers! We may be eating ramen noodles to afford all these pee pee catchers!

Something special for your second:  Even if it’s the same gender, the best advice I heard for making the next one special is to get a few things, whether toys or clothing, that’s just for them. Once I did that, it seemed like this pregnancy was real and another little berry would be joining us.

For You: Biotin. One of the potential joys of having a baby is experiencing hair loss afterwards. I found that taking this at the onset of Tyler’s birth helped me to defeat the hair loss everyone talks about. I will be picking up a bottle and starting this routine again with the new baby in an effort to maintain my locks.

Other Things if the Baby is different Gender: 

While I was hoping for a boy, God had other plans, and for us that meant a girl. This also meant the list had to grow longer because we had all boy things. I found lots of cute clothes by going to Goodwill and rummages and being opportunistic. Baby Girl has clothes in every size up to 2T already….because a deal is a deal. Here are some other things I purchased along the way:

  • Bibs
  • New bottle cleaning sponges
  • pink swaddle blankets
  • Pink washcloths and towels
  • pacifiers

Hopefully my list helps those also getting ready for another baby!


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