The Theme of 2017

I was walking the dogs this week, thinking about Christmas. That great time of the year where everyone is happier, a bit more forgiving, and overall there’s just a happy atmosphere most everywhere you go. Personally, I spent more time with friends and family and enjoyed the company of the children much more this month.

I was reflecting and wondering how to bring Christmas with me into 2017. I don’t mean like Buddy Elf, “spreading Christmas cheer for all to hear”…that’s not my personality. But how could I take the patience and happiness and make it not just a December thing.

That’s when I decided I could and would make that my focus for 2017. Normally I ring in a new year with a list of goals. Sometimes I even get the rest of the family on the bandwagon and we all sit down and make a list. These lists seem to be the same every year; try something new, lose weight, eat healthier, blah, blah, blah. Some of the things on the list get done, some don’t. But overall, it’s hard to keep all that stuff in your head and remind yourself…especially with four children at home.

So this year, instead of that long list of goals, I’m going to focus on two things: Peace and Positivity.

While these may seem like simple things, these will be challenging goals to work towards. It’s easy in a sleep-deprived, busy household to become impatient. It’s easy in a blended family for chaos to creep in and disturb peace. But I’m going to work my hardest to promote these two things all year long. It’s not quite Buddy Elf, but it sure will make a happier feeling for those around me.

For Peace, I hope to find peace in my inner talk to myself, being a bit more gentler on myself. For example,¬†next time someone asks me if I’m pregnant (I’M NOT!! and working my butt off to try to get back to “normal”), I’ll be able to shrug it off. I’m hoping to continue to work towards financial peace and doing more saving than spending. Finally, I’m hoping to find peace with relationships in my life or come to terms with past hurts people have brought. I want to work on being more forgiving and knowing when it’s time to say “sorry” and be humble.

For positivity, I want to focus on being more positive with my family members. I want to find more good things to compliment than negative to scold. I know from teaching that you are supposed to find five positive things to compliment to offset one criticism. I’m not sure I practice that in my life, but I’m going to work hard to do that this year.

I’m tacking these two words on the fridge as a simple reminder of this years focus. And instead of a long list, this year I only have to focus on those two words.

Expect posts in 2017 to reflect these themes as I work towards “Peace and Positivity” in the upcoming year!

What about you? Do you have New Years Resolutions? I’d love to hear what ways you plan on transforming yourself in the new year!

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