Pinterest Challenge ~ Week 4

Pint Week 4Well, I’m still plugging away in the land of Pinterest.

I’ve now completed week four of my Pinterest 30 Challenge. This week Pinterest helped me pull off a successful first birthday party. I was even told I should become a party planner! Well, I can’t take the credit… seriously what did people do before Pinterest?!

This week I used Pinterest to create a Smash Cake recipe, learn to frost the cake, make some brown sugar cookies for our rummage sale, made creative signs to draw people to our rummage sale, and I got to make some yummy jam with Avery. Finally, I also used Pinterest to inspire me to start a process of deep cleaning and decluttering my house!

I’d say another successful week!

Both older berries have been asking what we are going to do next. Avery even said, “we should keep doing this!” This Victory Mom is going to have to take a bit of a break from daily Pins, but I know it’s given these guys a fun summer so we will definitely
keep searching for fun things to do to spice up our summer!

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