Pinterest Challenge Week 2

Who doesn't love Pinterest!

Who doesn’t love Pinterest!

I’ve completed week two of my Pinterest 30 Challenge and have managed to continue to do something off Pinterest each day.

This week was really focused on the end of the school year and the approaching summer. I tried some really great cookie recipes that I will definitely use again. The chocolate marshmallow cookies were delicious and the M&M cookies my husband said were my best looking cookies yet!

We were able to make some really cute teaching stools for Chase and Avery’s teachers thanks to some inspirational pins!

Finally, we got the summer started with some Bucket Lists and ideas from Pinterest. The kids have a two page list of things they want to do over summer (and a list I will refer them to when I hear “I’m bored”) and I have some great library reads to embark in now that I will hopefully have a bit more free time.

Tomorrow is the last day of school for teacher’s and I’m hoping with that it will free up more time for some Pinterst crafts and bigger projects! Stay tuned to see what week three will bring!

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