Pinterest Challenge 30 ~ Week 3 Update

Pinterest Week 3Phew! I’ve now completed week three of my Pinterest 30 Challenge. I’m not going to lie, it’s getting to be a challenge at times to fit this in. We have been spending our first days of summer running around with activities, so these Pinterest activities have to happen at night. With a baby who wants more attention and a pregnant momma, it’s felt like a push of endurance to fit this in some days.

BUT- I think this week it’s helped make me a better mom because many of my pins have been one-on-one activities with the older kiddos. We used Pinterest to help us set up a summer structure, but have been so busy with activities that we haven’t had to refer to our electronic guidelines.

I’ve made treats for the kids, baby, and husband’s work colleagues. This week we also got out the sewing machine and BOTH older berries found they enjoyed sewing. Avery crafted some new bags out of t-shirts and Chase made a dinosaur sweatshirt for Tyler’s upcoming birthday. The best part was hearing Chase say, “sewing is fun” and “can we sew some more.” I may have to refer back to Pinterest for more boy themed sewing projects!

So what has Pinterest inspired you to do this month? Feel free to comment and share your own Pinterest successes or any ideas for our family going forward. We still have two more weeks!


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