Pinterest 30 Challenge


How often do I sit on the couch each night on my Pinterest account? Well, here’s a confession….nightly. While the family watches a movie, I’m busy pinning all the things I want to do. The meals I will make “someday,” the vacations I will take,  the workouts that will help me get that “perfect” shape, and the kids activities that will make me the perfect mom.

Pinterest is basically all the things that will make me who I hope to become once I get off the couch. So, I got thinking…. this could be a fun challenge. The challenge to become the person I’m pining or pinning to be!

So here’s the challenge….what if for 30 days we became the person our Pinterest account showed we were? I love a challenge and this challenge is going to be fun!

Pinterest 30 Challenge!

For the next 30 days, I will complete something from my Pinterest boards each day. I will try to find a variety of pins to try and report back on how they go. My husband’s reaction was, “how much is this going to cost?” So I will also try to make sure this is done in a way that sticks to our tight budget (none of those dream vacations are planned for June)

Who’s with me? I challenge you to the Pinterest 30 challenge too! Let’s become the people our Pinterest boards think we are!



Here is how to keep up with my Pinterest 30 updates:

  • Follow me on Pinterest! I will have a board called Pinterest 30- Peterberries. I will post both my projects as well as the sites that were my inspiration during this challenge.
  • Follow me on Instagram! I will post each a photo of each project daily. Tune in to see what flops and what’s a hit!
  • Tune into my Facebook page as I post updates of how the challenge is going
  • Subscribe to my blog… I will update weekly with my progress!


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