Our Kids Won’t have Christmas Presents this Year!

Well, now that I have your attention…that’s not completely true. But they are definitely getting less than in past years and here’s why:

Kids these days (man am I sounding old) get a LOT of stuff. They get this stuff on a regular basis and then they get more on the holidays. Kids of blended families get even more stuff. At last count, our older berries had 4 Christmases on our side alone! That equals a LOT of toys and other things. This past year Chase didn’t open his last set of Legos until this November…that’s almost a full year later!

In the aftermath of Christmas last year, I said out loud, “maybe we should just have just taken them on a trip.” Avery overhead and said, “I would have liked that better.” Not quite what you want to hear while looking on to the hundreds of dollars in presents littering the floor, but it sure got me thinking. I try to model “experiences are more important than stuff,” but Christmas seemed to be the one holiday where this wasn’t what was being modeled. Maybe it was time to change all that.

When the Christmas wish lists were written this year, it confirmed my thinking. Most of the things they were asking for they had AND didn’t even use.

So this year, we are going present free!

Instead of the gift of ‘stuff’ they don’t need, we will be unveiling a trip they will be taking in March. I couldn’t go completely gift free, so they each will have about three small gifts and some candy for under the tree, but that’s it. We even got some of the grandparents on board as well. One set of grandies will be getting them an experience while they are on the trip. Another set bought them tickets to a sports game and got the littlest berries a membership to the Children’s Museum.

Want some more ideas? Check out a few from my friend Front Porch Bliss.

This year on Christmas Day there won’t be a sea of wrapping paper, but the memories we will share will far outweigh the monetary gifts they would have received. Want to know where we are going? Well I can’t tell you yet, it’s a surprise….but stay tuned for a Christmas blog when I tell you all about it!

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  1. I’m telling you, after all this wrapping (for others more than our son), I’d much rather give experiences! I am so tired of wrapping paper.

    Can’t wait to hear where they’ll be headed!

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