One Thing You May Forget to Include in Your Child’s Back to School backpack!

It’s officially that time of year again…. time for the kids to return back to school. This year it has a different feeling for me because I won’t be returning this year to school myself.

This is also the first time in 7 years I will be able to see the older berries on their first day and I’m excited for that!

IMG_5181A tradition I started since I wasn’t able to see the kids, is to have a small gift for them. I’ve dropped these off at school ahead of time when they were at their mom’s house or just slipped it in their backpack. Either way, it lets them know that their father and I are thinking of them on the exciting first day of school.

This year, even though I get to see them in person, I want to keep the tradition alive.

Don’t forget your “First Day of School” surprise in your child’s backpack!

Here’s what I cooked up this year. I always go to Target because they have fun school supplies. I try to make it something small and useful for school.

For Avery I got some notebook bookmarks (perfect for IMG_5178a transition to middle school), Post-Its, and highlighters that look like nail polish. Of course both kids will also get a candy treat to have at their first lunch back to school.

IMG_5176For Chase, a pen that looks like a squirrel and some Mr. Sketch scented markers.

The kid’s gift tags are from Easy Green Mom.

The final touch is a note from Daddy and I letting them know to make it a great year and how much we love them! I know this part is important to them too because I always see that they keep them from year’s past.


IMG_5171New this year, I also got a small something for Chase’s teacher to start the year off right. Maybe I’m feeling a little generous because I’m not the frazzled teacher heading back to school myself!

So I got her a cute coffee mug, planner, Post-its shaped like an apple (how cool is that!)… all from Target. I paired it with a gift card from one of our local coffee shops. IMG_5175

The “tickled pink” teacher gift tag came from Blog Hoppin.

These two ideas will be sure to make your child AND their teacher have a great first day of school!

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