The Number One Thing Our Children Need

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The past few weeks I have found myself more and more overwhelmed with the job of a parent. I applauded myself for keeping Tyler happy and healthy in his first year when we hit the milestone of his 1st birthday. But now, as I read and scan social media, I have found my mind seems to be spinning like a hamster in a wheel.


So many things I feel like I need to be doing now:

  • Switching to whole milk
  • Weaning him off the bottle
  • Potty Training
  • Making sure he eats healthy foods
  • Making sure he eats a variety of food so he doesn’t become picky
  • Brushing his teeth so he doesn’t get cavities
  • Spending quality time with him reading and doing mind enhancing activities
  • Not giving into his whining so I don’t reinforce these behaviors

The list could continue, but you get the idea of what a day in my head feels like. I have found myself overwhelmed with trying to incorporate all these things into my day. I’m scanning places for new recipes and healthy recipes..meanwhile Tyler is throwing all these foods overboard from his highchair. I’m looking for play dates and mommy groups while he is just searching for me to hold him.

It hit a point this weekend when Tyler had his first “tantrum” of sorts. He just needed a nap…and maybe the bottle he was longing for. Momma just needed a reality check!

Then driving to church this week I realized, what Tyler really needs from me is pure and simple: LOVE!

It’s easy to get caught up in the midst of the “perfect parent” hype. You want to make sure that you are setting your children up for success.

At the very foundation, the one thing our children need is LOVE!

SomIMG_4208etimes I eat Cheeze-Its for dinner. Sometimes I enjoy sitting in front of the TV. It’s not killing me and it’s not going to harm him if his life isn’t perfect!

I took a deep breathe and realized, Tyler is going to be just fine. I’m still going to work in giving him all the things a functioning and healthy toddler needs, but what he really doesn’t need is a stressed out mommy. So if we have to have chicken nuggets because momma can’t do it all, then that’s what we are going to do.

So for this week, my goal is to ignore the articles about deadly suncreens, horrible things to feed your kids, and all the other noise. This week I’m going to focus on giving Tyler, and all the kids, the one thing they need most: LOVE!


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