No Spending Challenge Update!


How are you doing on the No Spending Challenge?

Are you feeling like I am… like you are bursting at the seems wanting to spend? Maybe its because for the first time in awhile your wallet may be bursting with some extra money!

Well hang in there… we only have 9 more days to go!

As a family, I’d say we are doing okay. I’m working to make some recipes with our remaining freezer and cupboard materials. We’ll be having a basic noodle marinara casserole this week (will only require me to buy ricotta cheese and eggs) for dinners and chicken and hamburgers for dinner tonight. The leftovers can also be our weekly meals. Long gone is my lettuce salad so I’m probably going to be taking mixed veggies and some other hodge podge items for lunch this week. But we can do this!

I almost had a moment of weakness at Starbucks today before church. Baby Tyler was up at 5:30 after I was already up with a bloody nose and round ligament pain (gotta love pregnancy). It must have been divine intervention because the line was seven deep and we couldn’t be late because Avery’s 1st communion was today. So I will stick with no Starbucks for the next week.

I wasn’t perfect this week by any means though. I did buy some undies for Tyler because we have started potty training, and I also got a maternity dress for Tyler’s one year photos coming up. Oh yeah, and father’s day gifts (got to bundle those Amazon orders)

But even still … we are making big gains in our saving!

Here’s a look at some of our big saving categories this month:

  • Our grocery bill is down $210 this month!
  • Household miscellaneous is down $143!
  • No dining out or entertainment has saved us $200!

I don’t know about you, but that’s enough to keep pushing forward!

One more week…we can do this!

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