No Spend-uary

Well, Christmas season was fun, but as always it didn’t help the budget. In an effort to ring in the new year and ring in our finances, we will be doing another No Spending Challenge in our household.

What if I told you that joining us in the challenge could save your family hundreds of dollars? Last time we did this as a family we saved $400 and didn’t even last a whole month following the rules! What do you have to lose besides a few bills left from 2016?

For a breakdown of our rules, see our former post on the No Spending Challenge.

So for this month we don’t have a lot planned, which is good. That means we will have to find free things to spend our time. The only exceptions will be:

  • I will spend $25.00 to entertain the three little ones I am watching during the month (Mama needs to be able to leave the house).
  • I will look into 18 month clothes for Kennedy on 80% clearance at Kohls (Bio-Mom keeps us stocked for Tyler, but I don’t know anyone with girl clothes, so I try to think ahead at sale time).
  • We have a Wave game (soccer) at the end of the month. The tickets were a Christmas gift, but the spending while there wasn’t. The kids will be allowed to each get an item off the menu.
  • I have volunteered to bring a new mother a meal at the end of the month.

Otherwise we will be keeping with no spending, exception for MUSTS (bills, gas, staple groceries).

Join our family in cutting back this month and get 2017 off to a great start! Also stay tuned this month for some money saving tips and ideas!


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