No Spend-uary Results! How Much Did We Save?

We wrapped up this month of no spending and completed our budget over the weekend. So how much did we save?

Overall, we saved about $600!

I was pretty surprised about these results because I have to admit…I cheated at the end of the month. I splurged and bought myself a yoga bag and some essential oils on Amazon. But this just goes to show that even a little bit of self-control on spending can go along way! It also shows that efforts of saying “no” can lead up to large savings. Let me show you how:

  1. Food: We must have been hungry this month because we didn’t save as much as we normally do in this category. We saved $80. 
  2. Clothing/Goodwill: I have a second-hand store addiction, I will admit it. I love the hunt… I love the deals. However, in the month of January I didn’t allow myself to go to any stores because I knew that I wouldn’t have self-control. This allowed us to save $120.
  3. Home Improvement: As home owners know, there is ALWAYS an improvement or repair that “needs” to be done at home. This month we didn’t do any repairs or renovations to our home. Actually, Jamie did work on a sump pump project that we already had the parts for. He was able to scratch something off that to do list without adding to our bills. Savings in this area: $300!
  4. Eating Out: We already have a meager spending in this area. Normally we only spend about $60 a month in this area. We just don’t go out a lot because it’s too expensive. However, we cut spending in this category for January. The only time we “went out” was one trip where Jamie took Avery to Subway to spend some alone time since she had a day off school. Savings here: $45 
  5. Entertainment: We keep this a separate category. Our focus was fun and free entertainment (see previous post), but we did have Wave tickets that the kids received as a Christmas gift. The parking and concessions weren’t included but we knew that going into our no spending month (this ended up being $25). Savings from focusing on free entertainment: $65

Grand Total Savings: $610!

By themselves, none of these savings would have been monumental, but together that’s a lot of money! We have bounced back from Christmas and are back on track with our budget! And that….feels a lot better than the spending we would have done! (That said… I can’t wait for a Starbucks latte!)

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