No Spend-tember

ID-10067119Summer has come to an end and the kids are back to school. Left behind are the memories of another summer well spent… and the bills that accompanied this good time. For our family, summer fun and back-to-school costs have left us thinking we need to get our budget back in check. Especially since this new school year doesn’t start with an income for me anymore.

You may remember our No Spending Challenge in May. We are going to be doing this same challenge for the month of September.

As a couple, we always start these challenges by talking about any spending that we will allow.

For this month, that will include:

  • One night out for Jamie and I (I’ve been waiting 9 months for a nice drink¬†and I’m going to allow myself this treat after the baby comes!).
  • We also are going to allow ourselves to attend a city festival, but have set a pre-determined limit on how much we can spend.
  • Finally, we will probably do one thing as a new family of 6. Otherwise, our entertainment costs this month will need to be doing free things.

Join us in a month of limited spending! Let’s do this together and re-claim our budget!



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