No Spend-Tember Results

At the start of the month we talked about a No Spending Month. We challenged ourselves not to buy anything besides necessity.

Well, we are human, and sometimes our actions don’t align with our vision.

I’d say this month we didn’t quite meet our challenge. The birth of Kennedy and the complications of that derailed some of our efforts. When you’re swinging a pee bag around and only sleeping minimal hours, it’s easy to justify Starbucks coffee as a need.

However, our efforts at the beginning of the month still led to savings.

We saw the biggest savings in our “grocery” category ($100 savings) and in our “gas” category ($50 savings). Also my “shopping” category was down $40, showing me I did have more restraint this month.

Overall, the added savings in all categories of our budget meant a total savings of $450!

This savings is still important, especially since some bills got slung our way this month on top of “new baby” hospital expenses… don’t even ask how much they are charging these days for a c-section operation and sending a baby to NICU. I’m glad we timed our no spending month to offset these costs.

We will try another “No Spend” month after the holidays. Until then, we just need to stick to our budget as best we can!

So what about you? Is there an area of your budget you need to cut spending or maybe a “No Spend Challenge” is in your future? This month proves that even a week or two of no spending can have a big impact at the end of the month!

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