My son, the Kamikaze

It will come as no surprise that things have been hectic in the land of the Peterberries. With Kennedy’s arrival has come lack of sleep for the last two months. Life becomes even more chaotic when you are trying to get  by on only a few hours of sleepThat’s enough to make things hectic in a parent’s world right there.

2016100995182651On top of that, my toddler seems to have become a terror overnight!

Someone said it perfectly to me recently, “at this age, they are like little kamikazes. They are a danger to themselves!”

I couldn’t agree more. Poor baby Kennedy has taken a back seat in attention because all eyes need to be on Tyler. With his new found independence, he has taken the world by storm. His lack of fear has taken him to new heights, literally.

ovensIn  the past month I have found him climbing into the snack cabinet and taking snacks to eat (nothing like a 15 month old in the bathroom eating OREOS), climbing the oven, trying to climb and retrieve his sister’s pacifier, balancing on a step and trying to climb onto the older berries’ trampoline… just to name a few. I don’t know whether to be proud of his

Trying to snatch Kennedy's pacifier

Trying to snatch Kennedy’s pacifier

determination or chain him down so he doesn’t hurt himself.


Let me expand….

You take Tyler to the park…he is running to the river or the road. Of course he wouldn’t be interested in the slides or toddler appropriate equipment. So I’m running after him, baby Kennedy strapped to my front. Of course he loves this game of chase and is laughing…until I pick him up. Then he quickly becomes a wet noodle, his body goes limp and his lungs go wailing as he has a meltdown for not getting what he wants.

More recently was this escapade…

My cute little Tyler used to sit in the cart politely in the store. I’d give him a toy and he’d look at it or people watch. I took my cute little Tyler to the store this weekend to grab a few items. I finally had a moment where I didn’t need to take both babies. Unfortunately, he was cute for only about five minutes. Then he was trying to climb out of the cart. After the fifth attempt, I moved him to the back portion of the cart, still determined to finish my shopping (I can do this!). Then he decided to continue to stand up and help himself to the grapes in the front of the cart. (we are stealing…fine…just sit down). As we progressed, mommy moving as quickly as she could through her list, he decided that it would be fun to throw the items in the cart onto the floor. Mommy was not deterred… I just quickly swooped up the items and moved them to the front of the cart, speeding along and saying, “please stop that. Sit down.”

We continued to the check out lane. There, cute little Tyler decided it would be fun to balance on one leg on top of the dog food, other leg swinging out over the cart. As people passed by, mommy still trying to scan items in self checkout and persuade said toddler to sit down, Tyler would smile in the midst of his arabesque and shout “hi” (toddler speak it sounds like “aye”) to the passersby.

Needless to say, I had become the mom with that kid. I quickly finished my shopping (sit down) and hurried out of the store. On the way out I opened a soda I purchased (this endeavor had made me thirsty), which of course exploded all over me (oh that’s right, he threw that on the floor too).

Long story short, I won’t be taking him to a store for a very long time. Mommy will be doing her shopping when Daddy is around to babysit!

They say kids go through phases. I hope the “kamikaze phase” ends soon because Mommy is going to be stuck at home taming her child!

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