Motherhood ~ Some Days are Far from Perfect

IMG_4986As a new stay-at-home mother, I’m trying my best to make these as good as they can be for my little one. I’d be lying if I said that it’s been glamorous. Most days I feel like I’m just sitting around, watching him play. But he is happy and that is what matters…or what I’m telling myself.

However, it’s been amazing to me how 28lbs has the ability to derail your entire day! But those little tikes moving towards independence are the secret rulers of the schedule. I had a day recently that highlighted this to me and that I’d have to say was … far from perfect!

I woke up like every Monday, expecting to get back to “work.” For me, that means the husband is off to work, the kids are off to summer school, and I am tidying up from the weekend and doing chores. I had slated myself to mop the floors, do some laundry, as well as a few other things to get the house clean after company.

Enter one toddler under the weather….

My day went anything but as expected. Tyler wanted to be held and I wanted to get things done. He would waddle around after me whining, but I tried to persevere. I kept remembering my husband’s advice, “Don’t give in to the whining. He doesn’t do this to anyone but you.” Finally, thinking he was teething or sick, I put him down early for a nap. 

I decided to make use of this hour doing some projects for the upcoming baby. I figured I had two hours and could shower and clean in the second hour. 

Fast forward one hour… I’m busy crafting something for the coming of the new baby…when I hear a loud cry. Tyler is awake. I retrieve him from the crib, still hoping to just put a few finishing touches quickly to my craft. But he waddles over, grabs hold of me, and begins wailing again.

In exasperation, I let out a loud and angry “aaahhhh” to which Tyler responded by bawling and crawling away from his scary mommy.

Talk about a reality check! I quickly left the craft and picked Tyler up to soothe him and apologize. I carried him out of the room… just then I caught in the corner of my eye the dog throwing up.

I went to get cleaning supplies and tried setting Tyler down. But every time he had a meltdown, with tears and snot coming down his nose..not something he normally does.

This was definitely a day where motherhood went far from perfect!

One frazzled, unshowered mommy, with a sobbing toddler and puking dog. How was I going to clean up puke while holding a toddler? My house was now going the opposite direction of clean and my day of plans was quickly down the tubes.

On the verge of tears myself, I quickly put in a call to my own mommy and like a super hero, she arrived to give me some adult interaction,take the baby so I could clean up the puke, and time to shower. I am lucky enough to have grandmas nearby for times like this but realize not everyone is as lucky.

Luckily, Tyler won’t remember this day, but I took a lesson from it: Some times you have to abandon the schedules, the daily goals, and go with the flow. In this case, a sick toddler needed his mommy. I won’t get to hold and rock him forever, so I need to find the blessing in this and focus on what’s important.

All a mother can do is her best… some days will be far from perfect, but you have to keep moving forward!

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