Mother Confessions: I Loathe you Working Mom

I have had a taste of stay-at-home mom life and I have to say that while I’m grateful, there are days I loathe the working mom. This is especially true in the dead of winter, spending many days stuck inside with lots of time to fill.

I see you working mom, leaving your house in your business attire and high heels. I’m jealous. You are leaving the house. You dress up each day before you leave. You have a reason for high heels and a reason for make-up. I quickly back away from the window so you won’t see me in my robe and pajamas. Then maybe you won’t know I will still be in this attire, with no make-up or shower, until the afternoon or until someone in this house takes a nap.

I loathe you working mom. I daydream of your meetings. Of your adult interaction. You are probably sipping coffee and laughing….at adult jokes. I’m sipping coffee too…and watching Baby Einstein. My work colleague can’t converse unless you count “bababa” as deep conversation. My other colleague is probably the most demanding I’ve met. He stands at the cupboard shouting, “Mooooommmmm” off and on all day.

You have a jammed packed day. A stressful day. I miss stress. I miss having too much to do. I now look forward to laundry days and grocery trips so I have a sense of purpose. I robotically clean the house, play with the baby, and wait the return of the rest of the family.

I am jealous working mom. You have a business lunch. Something delicious and healthy I’m sure. You have the choice, to eat in or eat out. My lunch consists of pureed peas and crackers, or any leftovers I quickly shovel in my mouth. There’s no time to feed my demanding colleagues while simultaneously enjoying a peaceful meal myself. I could eat out, but that would require nearly a suitcase for transportation…and lets not forget, I’m still in my pajamas.


I see you coming home, tired from your day, and I loathe you. You are tired from a day of productive work. You’ve accomplished a lot in your stressful day and you are excited about seeing your family and spending those moments with your children. I’ve had many moments with my child, but my hopes for tonight are that someone will watch these children so that I may have a moment which doesn’t include blocks, babies, or balls. You’ve been gone all day. If I’m lucky I may have left the house once, to grocery shop or take a child to an activity. You look forward to getting home… I look forward for a reason to leave.

I loathe you working mom. BUT- I also understand your plight is real! I know you could very well be on the other side of the street envying me (See: Loathing the Stay-At-Home Mom)

So kudos working mom… enjoy all that you have accomplished today and enjoy your night with your child. You deserve it!

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Confessions of a Working Mom: I Loathe you Stay-at-Home Mom

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  1. Hahaha, laughed the whole way through this. Great post! Well written too.
    I can relate to some of this as I stay at home, although I work early mornings. I sometimes miss the adult interaction coz little “colleague” has me on a leash – I can’t get me-time until she takes a nap. I only wear heels when something important is happening otherwise they’re all sitting in my wardrobe waiting for that day. lol

    1. I have made the transition to home this year and it’s very different. While I love my children, it’s definetly an adjustment. Now if I even put on a pair of jeans instead of yoga pants, everyone in the house says, “Whoa, why are you all dressed up!” I’m glad I’m not alone!

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