You Know your Daughter has become a “Tween”

Well we’ve been living with a tween full-time for over a year now. I have come to find that a tween girl definitely shows different characteristics we hadn’t experienced before. Some days I really miss the young, innocent girl who has been replaced. Signs that show your daughter has hit the tween stage include:

9 Signs That You’re Living with a Tween!

  1. You suddenly have an instant expert in the house. “I know” becomes the phrase heard most often. Normally this is the response when you give any reminders to this tween.
  2. You worry about their eye health… is that a spasm, a twitch? Oh no, that’s just another round of eye rolls heading your way.
  3. You move into new territory… embarrassment status. Case in point: Avery had a sleepover and seemed mortified Dad had a stain on his shirt (“What? It’s just some pizza sauce?”).
  4. Your level-headed child is replaced with a volcano of emotions of which are unexplainable. They storm through the door one day in tears and the next day in hysterical laughing. Don’t question it, just nod.
  5. You’ve been replaced …by their friends.
  6. You find yourself suddenly questioning their hearing. Why else would the volume of their voice suddenly only have one decibel…extremely loud. Soon your own hearing will be in question (“I’m standing right next to you, why are you talking so loud”)
  7. The GIGGLE! Need I say more. Why do they do that? Did I do that as a young girl? Who taught tween girls that it was cool to giggle over everything?!
  8. The word “like” is starting to make you cringe.  Like this, and like that, misuse of this word is driving English teachers mad. How many times can this word really fit into a paragraph or sentence?
  9. There are humans in the room… would they know? Probably not as they are always on those cell phones. They can text, they can Musically, but can they hold a conversation? Not always. I imagine lunch time in middle school is quieter than a silent study hall. Their mentality: why talk when we can text.

All I can say is what I tell myself every day, “God grant me the patience to survive this tween-ager stage.”  I really love my tween and I know that while she can wear adult shoes, deep down there is still a little girl there. At the same time, I’m already prepping myself for the even more challenging teenage years that are just around the corner.

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