Why I’m Rocking Motherhood: A Stepmother’s Edition

This week I was nominated by Adventures with My Littles to take part in the Rocking Motherhood challenge. Each rocking mom is asked to list 10 ways that they are rocking motherhood. The challenge was started about a year ago by White Camellias. To pay it forward, I have nominated these lovely mothers:

As a mom, there are many days you feel you aren’t doing enough or that your are surely screwing up your children. This was a great way to reflect on the good things happening during motherhood and for me to personally focus on the the positives amidst the daily struggles.

I think that it’s hard to say what exactly a mother does to rock, but I think it shows up in the behaviors of our children. So my list will include 10 Examples of Motherhood at its finest in my home!

kids3So without further ado, here’s my Top 10 Examples of how I’m Rocking motherhood!

  1. I was pretty happy when my 1 year old started saying please! I did a silent fist pump when that started! I always say. “Manners are very necessary!”
  2. Our family is going to Mexico. It may not seem like a good example of rocking motherhood, but it’s how we made it happen, that is special. Even though I am a stay-at-home mom, I work my butt off to ensure all the kiddos can come. I nannied children and braided dog toys (yep, you heard that right…probably at least 300 of them!) to raise the extra money to allow my step-kids to join us. My little kiddos were free, but it wouldn’t be a family vacation unless we ALL were there. I sacrificed my time and spending money, AND that will be a rocking mama moment when we are all on the beach together!
  3. Our 9 year old now requests to read at night. For a mom who set timers, had family book clubs, required summer readings, etc. this felt like I totally rocked at not giving up… AND I got a reader
  4. IMG_7971A conversation this week really made me feel like I am raising a loving family. We were discussing having Chase be an honorary godfather to Kennedy because it’s clear that the two have a very special bond.  Avery began talking about her bond with Tyler.
    • Avery: Do you think I have a bond with him because I’m his godmother.
    • Me: I don’t know.
    • Avery: Well I feel like I’m his mother. Even though I’m not the one who carried him or gave birth, I feel like I am.
    • Me: Well now you finally understand how I feel about you.
    • Avery: (huge smile) followed by hugs. Definitely felt like a blended family Hallmark moment.kids2
  5. When my toddler finished an art project last week, he packed up the supplies and handed them to me! In the constant fight for cleanliness in a 6 person, 2 dog household….this felt huge!
  6. Avery came home and told us about how someone referred to her as “having a lot of goals.” That was a “cha-ching” moment. Inour family we’ve done family goals, goal books, and image books (photos and captions of things we want for our life). If her peers know she has goals, it means these lessons were instilled in her! And that’s a life lesson that will help her for the rest of her life (an awesome example of rocking motherhood).kids
  7. Everyone warned my youngest would probably be difficult because my toddler is such a good baby. Instead, baby #4 has been the easiest. I’m going to attribute some of that to the calmness overall in the house. Yes, we all get uptight, but the majority of the time in my house Kennedy receives a calm mother in response to her cries or any distress.
  8. Our oldest loves to go to church and often is the catalyst of our going. On the few occasions we don’t, like when Tyler had Croupe last year, she calls and gets a ride there herself. As a child who tried to get out of church, I feel we are doing something right in that category. Though I also have to give that credit to the amazing church we attend!
  9. Children in our home do laundry, have chores, make meals, etc. In a world where many young people have the attitude of entitlement, we are teaching our children that it takes hard work and everyone pitches in.
  10. I hope that those who know me have countless examples of the last one…but I feel I’m rocking motherhood because I’m one of the pillars of a really strong blended family. I treat ALL my children equally and show love to all four of them. That means I’m rocking Motherhood and Stepmotherhood!kids 2017

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