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I Killed Sophie! Read This Before Making the Same Mistake!

I stumbed upon this article on my Facebook feed this week about Sophie, the lovable giraffe my baby and toddlers love. You know the cute little squeaky toy that moms everywhere swear by.

WARNING: Popular Infant And Toddler Teething Toy Might Be Full of Mold

As I read in horror that our beloved Sophie could be a problem for Baby Kennedy; I hemmed and hawed. Could Sophie really be that bad? Would I be a bad mom if I tossed our beloved Sophie in the trash? Would I be a worse mom if I kept Sophie around the house to make everyone sick?

I decided I would do the right thing and play it safe. It was time to say goodbye to Sophie. Since I was making this decision, I decided I would take a peek and see if my Sophie has suffered the same fate as the giraffes in the article.

I began to cut Sophie open as my toddler watched in horror. Even the dog, intrigued by the squeak, came to watch. As I began to cut, my toddler cried out, “Momma” and reached his little hand to save his Sophie. I looked into Sophie’s beady, black eyes wondering what I would find. Finally I got my scissors into Sophie’s tough skin and cut. Sophie let out her last painful squeal of anguish and I looked inside to find….

I found nothing!

I killed Sophie in an effoIMG_7538rt to protect my kids, and for nothing! Sophie was clean as a whistle.

From further research, it seems Sophie’s danger comes from soaking the toy in soapy water. Water can leak into her hole. Some moms I talked with also suggested Sophie could get mildew from kids sucking on her. But that hole that leads the moisture to mildew is on her backside, so I’m not sure how a teething child would be in that area.

Bottom Line: Don’t be quick to get rid of precious Sophie!

sohpieI found this handy diagram from Wild Woodland and Toys which shows how to clean Sophie. I was using a cloth with hot water and soap. So in the end, don’t soak Sophie and she can stay!

Lucky for me, I just got another Sophie as a gift for Kennedy. We can keep Sophie  around and not worry what is lurking beneath her skin.

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