Happy Father’s Day!

Happy Father’s Day from the Peterberries!


Tyler moving in on Daddy’s eggs!

Today the kids woke up early to make their daddy breakfast. Chase made the eggs and Avery made the peanut butter toast and apple garnish. We surprised Daddy with breakfast in bed and some gifts. Tyler was funny and had a hard time dealing with Daddy eating and not him. Always generous, Jamie shared his eggs and Tyler enjoyed a second breakfast.

How many can fit in this bed?!

How many can fit in this bed?!


After breakfast, we followed the day with a family walk and trip for some strawberry picking. Only a year ago we were picking with a newborn.. now Tyler happily sat on the sideline eating strawberries while we picked.

The rest of the day we’ll spend with Dad as well. celebrating all he does for our family. IMG_3984





I am so thankful to Jamie for the wonderful husband and dad he is to the berries in our house. Whether it’s watching him read stories to Tyler on the potty or giving him a bath, seeing him with an infant really warms my heart. He is so patient and Tyler brings out a gentle side of him I hadn’t seen. I also like seeing him act silly and giggle with Chase or how open Avery can be in asking him questions or advice. It makes me feel blessed for the blended family God has given me, and the guidance and leadership Jamie shows as he leads our family. I’m fortunate to have him in my life and I know that our future baby girl is lucky to have a daddy who will love her so much.

In addition, I’m grateful tIMG_2926o my own father. Even though he doesn’t like any special attention, it’s been wonderful to see him become a Grandpa. Tyler may be nearing one, but already his eyes light up when Grandpa Guy walks in the room. The older berries love Grandpa and his tricks too! I’m lucky that my father has embraced blended family life as well.

I’m fortunate to have two upstanding men in my life and wish them both a very Happy Father’s Day!

What are you doing today for those special men in your life?


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