Gratitude Challenge Week 3

week3I’m three weeks into the Gratitude Challenge and going strong! Surprisingly, it’s been easy to find happiness in my monotonous, pregnant summer! I now find that I’m able to find multiple things to be grateful about each day.

This week my focus on gratitude seemed to be on extended family and the time I’ve been spending on them. As you become an adult yourself and a parent, you realize how blessed you are to have your own parents in your life.

I’ve also been thankful for things such as my home and community, especially as I watch the news and see the world happenings. I’m lucky to be living where I am. It’s great to feel grateful for these things and content with what I have. I’m at a peace that I haven’t had before. I think it’s from finding my happiness in people and not things. Twice in this summer I’ve been asked what I wanted (for my birthday or kind gesture) and twice I’ve really just had to tell them that my life is full and I’m content with what I have.

There’s one more week of the Gratitude Challenge… join me and watch it transform your life too!

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