Gratitude Challenge- Week 2 Recap

Gratit week 2I’m now completed with two weeks of a Gratitude Challenge. It’s been refreshing to find things to be thankful for each day.

What I have found is that my gratitude is coming from the small things in life. Whether that is a bit of extra time to do something I enjoy or spending time with my family, it really is the little things that makes us thankful.

Spending time each time to focus on something has put a positive spin on my week. As a naturally negative person, I’m having to find a positive spin on a bad day (ex. Tyler is sick BUT we have the medicine that ensures it only lasts a day).

Being thankful for what God has given me has really helped me shift my mind set. Instead of focusing on what I can’t do or don’t have, my life feels full!

I recommend joining me in looking for gratitude in your day!

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