5 Final Preparations for a New Baby

Peterson-55Well, as they say in Rocky… “It’s the final countdown.” We are about 3-4 weeks away from an addition to our family. I’m hoping it’s the shorter of the two because while I’m nervous to have an infant and a toddler at the same time, discomfort is getting the best of me.

These last few weeks can be hard. We pregnant women are miserable, waddling around (especially in this summer heat), yet our minds can be racing. Do we have everything ready?

My ever practical husband once said to me, “the baby isn’t going to care if the house is cleaned.” While this is true, I may care.

Here are 5 ways to get ready for the upcoming arrival of your bundle of joy!


1. SLEEP. Take some naps. Get as much rest as the night allows. I find the most important thing for me during this time is to make sure I am mentally prepared. Last pregnancy, people told me to rest and I didn’t listen. Once the baby arrives, you will be sleep deprived and delirious. There is a reason the armed forces use sleep deprivation as a form of torture. You are about to get tortured for the next few months. While your cute little bundle will make it so it doesn’t always feel like torture…enjoy as much sleep as you can so that you are mentally clear and prepared. This isn’t the time for midnight sessions of your favorite TV series. You can watch those alone on your sleepless nights in a few weeks. This is coming from a woman who hates napping, but you will regret it if you don’t. I did!

2. Take some alone time. When the baby comes you won’t be getting any time for yourself. I’m listing this one as a priority, because as moms, we don’t always put ourselves first. DO IT! You aren’t going to get to do this for a LONG time, so make yourself a priority. In the end, it will benefit your whole family. Find some time in the last few weeks to do the things YOU love to do. For me, the one thing I know I won’t have as much time for is reading. I plan to go to bed at 8pm (yep, you heard correct) and read to my heart’s content. I’m hoping I can finish a few books in the next few weeks that will fuel me into the months that follow. Whatever your hobbies, make sure to make time for them before you take a vacation from them to take care of a newborn.

Now that mom is covered, here are some last things you may want to think about:

3. Have everyone packed and ready. There are plenty of hospital packing lists out there, so I didn’t feel the need to recreate what I bring. My favorite things for myself included: nightgown and robe, magazines, and yoga pants. I also ended up making my husband go to Target last time to buy me large tank tops. You want to be comfortable!

What you may not think about, is that you also need to make sure to have the siblings prepared as well. Getting ready for the hospital can feel like packing for a family vacation!

Make sure you finalize the preparations and if your other children need to stay somewhere else, make sure you have them also packed and ready for a moment’s notice.

For our family, that means Tyler is packed (his clothes are already at grandmas), along with his Pack-n-Play for sleeping, bottles, and toys.

One thing I also included for grandma was a short “day in the life” memo. It highlighted Tyler’s routine, favorites, and hopefully will make his few nights there seamless.

For our family, this preparation list also included making sure someone could care for our pups. With a c-section, I can plan to be in the hospital at least three nights. We needed to make sure we had someone to let the dogs out and make sure they were happy too.

4. Plan a date night. Let’s face it… in the upcoming months, you and your husband are going to be zombies. Nothing sucks romance out of a marriage like lack of sleep. Given the choice of a nap or a date, I’m choosing sleep next month! So take some time to reconnect with each other before the baby arrives. For our family, it was just a dinner out and a trip to Home Depot (very romantic)! But- it was nice to have that quality time that will be lacking.

5. Prepare your house. With all the “nesting” hormones going on in your system, I’m sure this one doesn’t even have to be said. However, once you’re taken care of and your family is prepared, you should make sure any last things at home are taken care of. Some things to consider:

  • You newborns space is prepped and ready to go – do you have everything you need for the next few weeks?
  • Meals- If your house is big on family dinners, make some ahead. Pinterest is great for freezer meal ideas. Have a few go-to things older siblings can prepare themselves if you are busy. This is also a great thing to enlist family members who want to lend a helping hand.
  • Any last big house projects are completed. If you need anything to be complete in the next few months, better to get it done now!
  • Do you want anything organized? For me an organized house gives me an organized mind. I spend a few weeks deep cleaning and organizing in preparation for baby. I know this will give me a peace of mind when I’m not able to devote time to this.


Well, I think that wraps up “Prepping for a New Baby.” Now all that is left to do is….wait! Stay tuned for pictures and the big news that she has arrived!

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