Family Fantasy Football

id-10032184It’s no secret that my husband LOVES football season. We had to get a bigger TV this season (much to my complaining) so he could see this season bigger and better. The main part he seems to love about football is his Fantasy Football leagues.

When we first started dating, it was always a point of contention (my b’day always seems to fall on Fantasy Football draft days). Over the years, I’ve realized taking on the motto, “if you can’t beat em, join em,” makes this time of year enjoyable. I have to say, seven years later, I actually enjoy watching football. That’s a good thing since my yearly birthday present to my husband is Packers tickets.

This year my husband decided to get the older berries into the spirit of football. Once again, I can’t beat them, so I joined them. But I think it’s something that will make having football on in our house all weekend a fun and slightly competitive experience.

Dad’s Football Pick Em League: The Rules and Breakdown

  1. Each week dad makes a quick document of the games that will be airing all weekend. Here is a link to the document we are using this week (weekly_picks_2016)
  2. By Thursday, each member of the family must highlight who is going to win each game (we don’t use the spreads, just straight picks)
  3. After all the games, we tally a point for each team you correctly guessed would win.
  4. The person with the most points that week is the winner. We have 1st through 4th place.
  5. The points are combined throughout the whole season for a grand finale winner at the end of the season.

The Rewards: Each week the winner gets 20 minutes of service from the 4th place person. The 2nd place finisher gets 10 minutes of service from the 3rd place person. We have yet to decide what the season winner will receive.

** The kids were really excited about this. I already heard things like:

Chase: “I’m going to make you do my dishes. I’m sick of that job.”ff-avery

Avery: “Wait till you see what I’m going to make you do!”

Dad: “I’m going to get so many 20 minute back rubs.”


The teacher in me likes that they are learning something new, even if it is football and gambling spreads. Both kids had their computers up and were researching predictions for this week’s games. Personally, I just picked the teams that I like. ff-chase

Stay tuned to see how our season progresses in the Peterberry household and we’d love to hear if you decide to do this in your family as well!

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