Don’t Forget this in Your Hospital Bag!

I’m all packed and ready to head to the hospital. But, there is one thing I wanted to mention that I’m bringing. I had to wait because my older berries also read my blog.

Surprise! This time I have a baby, I’m bringing Big Brother/Big Sister Kits!

IMG_5193I know that having two younger siblings so close together will be an adjustment for everyone in the family. I wanted to make sure that the older berries felt part of the change. So I decided to make them each a little bag of treats to open at the hospital so they feel special too.

The first thing in each kit was a shirt to wear at the hospital on Day 2. While IMG_5189this may not be exciting to them, I wanted to capture the moment. I also made a “Little Sister” onesie and want to have a photo moment of all the kids together. Since I know they won’t get a lot of wear after the hospital, I found the t-shirts at Goodwill and used iron-on transfers to make the design. I figure if they wear them twice I will get what I paid out of them.


IMG_5185For Avery, I packed a new book, nail polish, and an adult coloring book with colored pencils. Of course, I also included some Sour Punch straws, Now & Laters, and Mentos.

For Chase, I packed similar candy and a couple new PSIMG_51833 games for him. He won’t be able to play them at the hospital, but when I’m busy feeding and tending to a baby, he will be occupied.

IMG_5187For Tyler, I packed two new cars (his favorite things right now), an Usbourne book, Teddy Grahams, and Chips Ahoy cookies.

I packed them each in a fun tote bag I picked up from Target. The cute tags came from Tater Tots and Jello.


The last thing in the bag to the older berries was also a note from their Daddy and I telling them how happy we are to have them as part of the family to be a great big brother and sister to our new little girl. As a blended family, it’s important that they feel included and don’t ever feel that the new children diminish their importance in our family.

I can’t wait for them to open their gifts AND to see their new sister later today!


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