Crafty Kids: Making Christmas Gifts

Every year I sit down with the kids to help create something for the grandparents in their life, as well as other significant people in their life (so if that’s you, stop reading now!). Over the years we’ve made an assortment of things: mugs, coasters, and anything else that Pinterest inspires.

My goal is always to make sure there is something that includes each of the Peterberry children so they all learn the importance of giving, not just receiving during the holidays.

This year will be no exception! Lately, I’ve tried to find things that the Grandparents may actually use, so this year we are giving Grandma and Grandpa separate gifts. According to Avery, “we keep getting better and better in our gift giving! This year is our best!”

img_6979For Grandma, who seems to do it all, a “Spa Kit”

What’s in our kit?

Grandma’s Spa Kit:

img_66861. First, Avery and I made some washer necklaces. We got the idea/directions from Creations By Kara.img_6680


2. Next, we made a Peppermint Sugar scrub using the direction from mom4real. We had made this at a Valentine party for Avery last year. I loved using it myself, so knew the other ladies in our life would enjoy it as well.

3. Finally, we also made Bath bombs for the first time. They were super easy to make (I was worried if we would be simg_6895successful). We used the recipe from Maria’s Self. I bought bath bomb molds for cheap on Amazon as well. Our bath bomb labels came from Living Well Spending Less.


4. Chase is not a crafter, but enjoys baking with me. So he put the finishing touches on Grandmas gift with a sweet treat of Puppy Chow.

We packaged it all up in a basket and included a candle (except for Grandma Candie who has a “no candle” rule at her house).

Now for Grandpa we focused on what Grandpa’s do best ~ GRILLING!

img_6893We started with a grilling apron. I found these on Black Friday at Menards. Making sure each child was a part of the gifts, I used their handprints to make “flames.” Then Avery added in the slogan, “Our Grandpa is Smokin’.”

img_6903The 14 spice rub was easy to make and the recipe and labels came from The Yummy Life. Chase kept sneaking tastes of the spices, it was that good!

img_6898Finally, our Grandpas love to snack, so Chase helped me make a Zesty Ranch Chex mix for them to eat while grilling (though it probably will be eaten a lot sooner than grilling season).


Now I did say that every Peterberry has a part, even my youngest berries got in the giving spirit (though they may not have known that’s what they are doing). I helped Tyler create a salt dough ornament with his hand print that he was then able to paint himself. Directions for this can be found on Busy Bugs. Of course I kept one of these as my own keepsake for how fast he is growing. I’m sure I’ll look back on this ornament years down the road and shed a tear or two.img_6901

Overall, the kids had a great time over the past two weeks making all the parts of these gifts! I hope the grandparents will love them and the kids will feel that special tingle of giving this year!

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