Chocolate Peanut Butter Rice Krispy Treats

pool partyWe spent some time Friday at Grandma’s pool. Always the hostess, she had a spread of food for us. One thing she has had twice now is these delicious Rice Krispy treats. As I found myself unable to resist these treats, I wanted to find a similar recipe (hers were store bought), so I went home and searched.

Lovely Little Kitchen's bars

Lovely Little Kitchen’s bars

I was able to find the recipe at The Lovely Little Kitchen. (Head over to her page to get the recipe for yourself!)

I did alter the recipe by using light brown sugar (instead of dark) and Half & Half instead of Heavy Cream.

They turned out so good I ended up making TWO batches! We ate some (okay some may be an understatement for this pregnant lady), gave them out to a neighbor just out of surgery, and Jamie could bring the second batch to share at work.

My results

My results


I highly recommend trying them! They were easy and a hit with everyone!

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