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A Simple Gift with a Powerful Impact for your Childbearing Wife

The Husband Speaks:

daddyHusbands listen up!  It is customary to bring a gift to honor new Moms after giving birth.  Let your wife know how much you appreciate her sacrifice to carry and deliver your child into this world.  Be the first to present her with a gift to show your love and gratitude.


For our first child, we called this a “push gift,” recognizing Sarah for the strife of labor and delivery.  This time was a tad different, as we would welcome Kennedy into the world via c-section.  No labor this time, but as I watched firsthand the surgeons sew up her bladder (unplanned complication), and suture my wife’s abdomen closed,

I saw firsthand the sacrifice she had made to grow our family.

This is where the Childbirth Gift Box goes a long way!

20160908_211248My wife has a sweet tooth, so of course I had to pack a gift with tons of her favorite treats.  I intended on getting her some jewelry that she had been eyeing up, but decided to get her the Etsy gift card, so she could pick out something special herself.  She decided on a necklace with each of our four children’s initial and birthstone.

If your wife is like mine, take a peek at her Pinterest account to get some great ideas.  I also try to pay attention to hints and clues she may casually mention.  Be careful though, once I got her baking pans, and it didn’t turn out well.  If you can get it at Wal-Mart, it probably won’t feel very special to her, and your good intentions will quickly disappear.


Find your inner poet.  I know it takes more time than just buying a Hallmark card, but crafting and sharing your personal sentiments will warmly resonate in your wife’s heart.  I created this acrostic poem with Kennedy’s name.  I also Googled some bible verses that I used as the inspiration in my personal note to Sarah.


Lastly, feel free to bring a bottle of your wife’s favorite wine or spirit.  After nearly 10 months of abstaining, your wife deserves a drink!

She may not have had a choice in being the person to give birth to your new baby, but you can make her feel special during this time of need!

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