Body After Baby: Regaining your Pre-Pregnancy Shape

body backHaving a baby has been the highlight of my life thus far. However, the part that is not so glamorous is getting back to your “normal” size. Having accomplished this in 5 months, and while still enjoying life, I’d like to share what worked for me.

Disclaimer: I don’t have a magic secret formula. I don’t have a perfect body. I’m just a normal mid-western girl who likes wine and Cheese-Its and doesn’t want to give those up. This is how I lost those 35lbs each pregnancy in a reasonable time frame without giving up those things I love!


3 Tips for Getting Back your Body:

  1. Fitness: For me, this was my focus. While I know they say that diet is more important, I’m not willing to spend my life rigid in my food. So I know that I need to be very active. Here’s what works for me:
    1.  Fitbit: My Fitbit is arguably my best friend. I have a small addiction to making my step goal. I firmly believe walking is good exercise and was able to cut 2/3 of my pregnancy weight gain simply by being active walking. While I was pregnant I aimed for 10k-15k steps a day. As soon as I left the hospital, I quickly resumed a 15k step a day lifestyle. Having two dogs helped, and many days I take two walks with the dogs. If you want to make a simple change in your fitness, walking is an easy way to do it.
    2. Les Mills on Demand: Once I hit a plateau it was time to take it to the next level. While I have a YMCA membership, getting two small children to the gym proved difficult (and I really didn’t want to leave a newborn in daycare). I LOVE Les Mills classes. It was great when someone told me about this outlet. Now I can stream all Les Mills classes on my Roku and it’s only $12.99 a month! What I love about it is that they have 60 minutes and 30 minute options for all their classes. As Chase says, with all the things I have to take care of and my part-time jobs, I really don’t have much more than 30 minutes a day. This makes it possible to squeeze it in first thing in the morning, or during a nap!
    3. Use Your Phone! There are so many great free applications you can get on your phone! I don’t even have a fancy phone, but love trying new fitness applications to keep things interesting. I use these here and there to mix things up in my fitness routine. Here are a few of my favorites:
        • Rock My Run- free music playlists
        • 30 Day Fit- a few different plans to target abs, arms, etc. Great to do in front of the TV at night!!
        • 7 Minute workout- Another quick workout you can fit in any time
        • 10k Trainer- Helping me get back into running shape after having two babies back to back.


2.Food: Remember when I said that I love wine and Cheese-It’s? Well I am back to my normal and still enjoying these. I don’t do diet plans because the first moment I tell myself I can’t have something, I proceed to only think about food, and end up eating everything in sight. Here’s a few things that work for me:

  1. Plan ahead: Staying at home with two toddlers, there isn’t time to sit down and have a meal. I found that what I was                 putting in my mouth was junk or scraps from their leftovers. What helped me kick those last 10 pounds was planning ahead. For me that included making healthy meals ahead of time that I could quickly reheat. My favorite right now is a simple egg bake by Kayln’s Kitchen. I make it on the weekend and find both myself and the toddler eat it once a day.
  2. Make one change at a time: If you’re like me and fell to some pregnancy cravings, it can be hard to get back into the swing of things. I found that eliminating one element at a time made change a lot easier. So maybe I started with eliminating brownies for breakfast (wish I was kidding), but making small changes each week helped me ease into things and not feel like I was dieting.
  3. Keep an eye on the clock: This one may seem silly, but it works for me. As a person who likes to graze as opposed to meals, staying at home all day can be difficult. I found I was constantly in the cabinet. What helped me (and still does), was to look at the clock when I eat. I make a mental note of the time I’m eating and count forward 3-4 hours. This gives me a time that I shoot for before stuffing my face again. This simple step helps me eliminate some of the mindless eating.

3. Faith: Sometimes this can be the hardest, but most important step. It’s hard to be gentle on yourself when your skinny clothes are staring at you from the closet. But have faith that your body will get back to “normal.” I hated hearing this but it’s true: your body took 9 months of change to have your baby, it can take that long to get it back. Remember that your hard work will pay off and eventually you will get back in shape if you focus on fitness and food. Personally, I know it was hard to read about other people who were back to normal in two weeks. However, make sure your inner dialogue stays positive and you focus on your accomplishments!

I’m happy to finally button those jeans again and continue working to be the healthiest I can be for my little munchkins!

I’d love to hear if you have other strategies or ideas for getting in shape/staying in shape after a baby!

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