Bake-sale Worthy Cookies

This week we are back to baking in the Peterberry household! Avery has a 5th grade bake sale and we volunteered to make two dozen cookies. I never think that one through… and later I see it’s paired with a staff meeting and thus late night home.

So we got started a day ahead of time, working with what we had in the pantry (No Spend Challenge).

Here are two bake sale worthy recipes I think the kids are going to love!

Softbatch Funfetti Sugar Cookies (from scratch not a mix) - Recipe at averiecooks.comThe first we found on Averie cooks. They are Funfetti softbatch sugar cookies! Yum. An easy recipe (notice the dough needs to chill…perfect for us to get started ahead of time), that is soft, chewy, with a hint of almond extract.


Here’s what our looked like

Our second cookie choice was Rainbow Chocolate Chip coorain4kies found on Incredible Recipes from Heaven. I substituted butterscotch chips for chocolate chips because that’s what we had in the house.


Both cookies look fun and a first choice for kiddos! Oh, and we tasted them and both taste delicious as well!

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