Another No Spending Challenge is in the books!

It’s official.. May is over and with that our No Spending Challenge has come to an end. Phew….we made it!

Was it tough…yes! But did we save…yes!

When we averaged it out, we have saved about $900 this month! That is huge!!

Now the key part is to make sure we don’t go spending crazy and ruin June’s budget.

It’s time to carry over some of the self-restraint we practiced in May and continue thinking about “needs vs. wants” in June.

It was great because in the process we even found some long lost food we enjoyed in the freezer, made some new quick meals we loved, and were able to feel good about going into summer with a tighter budget. My husband is even saying, “maybe we shouldn’t go to the grocery store just yet and keep using up our food.”

Take a look at our refrigerator and I think you will agree we could use a few things!

Look at that empty fridge!

Look at that empty fridge!


I hope our month of No Spending inspired you to make some budget changes or try your own challenge. We will probably be doing this again in another few months. It’s great to use as a way to reset that spending!

Because as Dave Ramsey says: dave

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