And Then There Were 4!

img_5476Last week we welcomed Kennedy Rose into our family! We were lucky to know that she was coming on September 9th with a planned c-section.

However, nothing is ever completely planned…

The night before, we packed up the car with everything we would need for the hospital and the kids would need for Grandmas. My husband said as he packed, “it feels like we are going on vacation…only you’re getting cut open.” Thanks sweetie!

I had a hard time sleeping that night… nervous about the c-section, excited about a new baby, worried about how Tyler was going to have to grow up overnight. I felt like a kid the night before Christmas as the anticipation gnawed at me.

We woke at 5am that day to have time to get everyone settled. Avery was able to get off to school on the bus and Grandma came over to watch Tyler and see Chase off to school. There was definitely a buzz of excitement as everyone knew we’d be adding another to our family in a few hours.

Everyone was excited but me. I was definitely ready to meet my daughter, but nervous about the pain I would feel after the c-section.

That's my anxious face, but I'm ready to go!

That’s my anxious face, but I’m ready to go!

We arrived at the hospital with our bags at 7:30am. The doctors felt my nervousness and Jamie made his jokes along the way in an effort to ease that.

By 9:30 they were ready to wheel me into the operating room. They gave me a spinal tap and quickly I felt my legs falling asleep. I wasn’t as sedated as last time, making it interesting to scope out what the operating room looked like. Then the doctor came in, followed by Jamie, and they quickly got started. By 10:04 Kennedy had arrived!

img_5320Unfortunately, she got “wet lung” in the removal process and was quickly carted off to the NICU to monitor her breathing.

That was also when they informed me about the tear in my bladder. As my stomach was already cut open and some of my innards were chilling on my upper abdomen, all there was to do was wait until the urologist could come up and suture my bladder shut. Luckily, I have a soothing husband who is great at cracking jokes and keeping the mood light. He got an anatomy lesson from the doctor (this is her uterus, these are her ovaries, etc) and took some photos (“baby, I totally just saw your uterus”) and I smiled while contemplating how this was going to change my recovery.

Soon the other doctor arrived and sewed me up (he was surprised I was awake and popped his head to my side of the curtain to say hello when he realized). By noon they were wheeling me out of the operating room and back to my bed.

It was then I realized I barely saw my daughter and the words they said in the operating room sunk in…”a catheter for 14 days.” Feeling like a train wreckimg_5345-copy, I welcomed the pain meds and waited for news about Kennedy. They said I could come to the NICU to breastfeed her or wait until she came to us. However, soon they decided that she would need to stay the night in the NICU. Nothing motivates a new momma out of the hospital bed faster than finding out they may not get to hold their newborn until the next day. At this point it hadn’t even felt like I had given birth. While previously I thought there was no way I was getting out of the bed (I’ve just been cut open), I had a “gimme that wheelchair” approach when the news changed.

img_5357At 3pm I was able to finally meet my daughter! She has Daddy’s dimpled chin, a perfect little mouth, and her mommy’s long arms and legs. Everything from that day faded into this moment!

Unfortunately, Chase and Avery weren’t able to meet her that day because she was in the NICU. They were so excited to see her and I felt bad to let them down when they arrived after school.

Kennedy was released back to our room at 2am that morning and the older berries were able to meet her the next day.

Watching them hold her, it was instant love for them too. Tyler wasn’t sure how to react to his new baby sister, but now a week later, he is getting better. And just like that….there are now 4 berries to love!

They say “a baby fills a place in your heart that you never knew was empty”, on September 9th I understood that to be true.

Now there are 4 kids in the Peterberry family to love and I couldn’t feel more blessed to spend this time with all of them! It’s going to be a bit more chaotic around here, but also filled with more love and memories!

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