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  put the “Berry” in Peterberry.

Hi, I’m Sarah!

Seven years ago, I was just a single girl with her faithful dog. Then I met my husband and Peterberryhis two kids. They were two and five. I quickly became the “Victory Mom” in their life (I can thank Chase for that name!).

Flash forward seven years (long roller coaster type years) to now. I’m a stepmom (in our house we call them “Victory Moms”) to two children, Avery who is 12 and Chase who is 9. I’ve also had a chance to experience motherhood to Tyler (almost 2) and Kennedy (4 months). I still have my faithful dog Sampson, but we also have a two year old Border Collie mix named Clara. It’s definitely a full house here!

When I’m not managing our ever-busy household, I love to do anything fitness related and then spend time with all the critters who need me in our house. That normally looks like crafting, baking, reading, photography, and travel.

I’ve learned a lot about myself being in a blended family, especially being the outsider at times in this dynamic. With my teaching experience over the last ten years, I also have learned a lot about helping kids in all areas. This blog is a place where I hope I can share my lessons as a Victory Mom (cough, cough…stepmom), teacher, and human being on this planet. As well as sharing excerpts from our crazy life.

With six people and two dogs under one roof… there are lots of hobbies, lots of action, and lots of fun. I hope you enjoy our ride with us!