A Reminder to my Sleeping Husband

ID-100138155Dear Husband,

I write this as you sleep…. soundly sleep. I wonder what that’s like: sleeping soundly….sleeping in… hanging out late with friends or staying up to watch several episodes of your newest TV series…because you assume you can sleep in the next morning.

This is your wife with a reminder…coming at you from the baby’s room at 5:30 am— WE BOTH CREATED THIS BABY?!

Why is it then that the only one who feels responsible for getting up and taking good care of this baby is me? Now I don’t like to complain, especially publically, but the ratio of help to sleeping in seems a bit skewed.

I have had 4-5 days of sleeping in since the baby was born. The baby is now a toddler. That’s 360 days I have gotten up.  The days are so few I can name them…probably because they are associated with holidays such as Christmas, Mother’s Day, etc. I agree that with three children in the home, the ability to sleep in is a gift. So why do I only experience this gift on major holidays?

Remember back to when we BOTH dreamed the awaited birth of this baby. He wasn’t something I brought home like a stray puppy from the pound. We knew he was coming and had our hopes and dreams for him. Well, I never said my dream was to wake up at 5 am for the rest of my life either, but somehow this became my job.

In the beginning you were great, helping with feeding shifts and taking turns. Where did this turn-taking man go? Oh yeah, he is sound asleep.

It doesn’t even phase you when I lurk with baby in my arms and glare at you at 6 am, especially on Saturdays (the day you claimed would be my one chance to sleep in). You slumber peacefully with a smile on your face as I glare.. our own version of “Sleeping with the Enemy.” Sometimes you even snore and Mommy wants to show Tyler how to “put a sock in it.”

But each morning as I cast my ice stare, you wake like something out of a Disney movie. You yawn, stretch, and smile.

Maybe that’s because you are so well rested.

Well lucky for you, I’m not just going to let the baby cry and suffer… so I will proceed to awake with my three layers of bags under my eyes. But a not-so-friendly-reminder… it’s your turn to get up early with the baby!

Your tired wife,


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