A Grateful List

 Grateful List – My Top 20

I knew from Day 3 of my maternity leave that going back to work was going to S-U-C-K. Not just a little bit of a suck, a really big suck. I didn’t think of myself as the type to embrace a stay-at-home mom lifestyle, but I did. I got really used to it.

By week twp,  I was teary-eyed at night thinking about returning to work. I Love, LOve, LOVE my class and students this year… but I also really love my little berry and the time I was bonding with him.

I knew I couldn’t spend the time with him thinking, dreading, worrying about going back to work. Instead, I told myself, I was going to put my big girl panties on and take the time I did have and embrace it.

Thus I decided to keep a “Grateful  List” of all the thing I was grateful to have the opportunity to do while having time off.  Now as I go back to the hectic life of a teacher…out the door before anyone is awake at 6:30am and lugging home a bundle of work to do at night, I can look back on these collected moments and smile.

Here goes:

  1. I loved seeing the big smile on my little berries face each morning as I looked over the crib into his bed.
  2. I’m grateful to have gotten him into a steady routine, one that I was aware of and not told about.
  3. I’m grateful that I was able to make my husband coffee each morning before he woke, but also was around when he did wake up to hand him the cup as well.
  4. I’m grateful for the time to get in a 30-60 minute workout each day. I especially enjoyed my time at the YMCA,  where I was able to meet mom’s who got to stay home like this all the time. They embraced and welcomed me in while I was home. I also found myself talking to people who were in the same class as I was for years, but we had never previously conversed.
  5. I’m grateful for the slower pace of my life where I was able to just breathe or wonder, “What should I do today?”
  6. I’m grateful that I was able to give each of my older berries some one-on-one attention. I enjoyed some sewing projects with Avery and baking with Chase.
  7. I’m grateful for the extra time to paint my kitchen cabinets! Of course that led to granite counter tops as well.
  8. I’m grateful that I was able to try my hand as party planner extraordinaire. I planned a winter party for both older berries equipped with stations of MChristmas party kidsinute to Win Itpeterberry christmas party games, crafts, photo props, and cookie or peterberry Christmas partycupcake decorating. It was a hit!
  9.  I’m grateful that I was able to reconnect with friends. Normally between teaching and running kids to activities, there is no time for that at night. And what fun we had!

My faboard and brushvorite moment was when at “Board and Brush” in Cedarburg, I made my wooden sign upside down. Why is it that teacher’s are sometimes so bad at following directions!

  1. I’m grateful for the opportunity to see my 93 year old Grandma. There won’t be opportunities like that forever. I was able to visit her each month that I was off.
  2. I’m grateful for the energy to volunteer at night to help with Chase’s Destination Imagination group.peterberries swim lessons
  3. I’m grateful for Monday morning swim lessons for Tyler.
  4. I’m grateful for the opportunity to get one of those winter vacation deals I see everyone taking in January. Normally I can’t get a week off of work. This year Tyler, Hubby, and I embarked on a week long cruise to Mexico. Can you say…. R-e-l-a-x-i-n-g!
  5. I’m happy for the extra time so that when I decided to start a blog… I actually had the time to start writing said blog!
  6. I’m grateful for a free morning to help in Chase’s writing class. It’s nice to be able to pop into a classroom and do what I love while simultaneously able to show Chase that I think both he and school are important.
  7. I’m grateful that word spread and this led to me also helping in Avery’s 5th grade class a few weeks later. I do love writing…and I do Love, Love revising.
  8. I actually had time to color. Me…sitting down with nothing on my plate. I bought an adult coloring book with cities around the world (perfect for me). I found time to sip a little wine, watch tv, and color. How perfect a night!
  9. I’m grateful for the time to craft. I made Valentines crafts, Christmas crafts…
  10. I’m grateful for time to read. I think I read 10-15 books in the last two months and it was wonderful food for my brain. I read middle school novels, informational books, and everything in between.
  11.  I’m grateful for all the smiles like this one. Smiles I can replay over and over in my head these next four months until summer is here and I get to spend the days with him again.peterberries

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