A Birthday Tradition Every Child will Love!

Last week Avery celebrated her 12th birthday. During her family party, several people came up to me after she opened her first present. They told me I should create a business out of her gift (see a link to her gift below).

Well, I don’t want to create a business (I’m busy raising 4 kids…no time for that), but I do want to share with you my idea on a great birthday tradition.


I started this tradition for Avery on the first birthday I celebrated with her. I believe it was her 5th birthday. Seven years later, I’m now creating books for all four kids!

Each year on the kid’s birthday, I present them with a “birthday book” created on Shutterfly. A birthday book is basically a small book with photos of them from the past year. It may include trips we took, activities they took part in, but they are the focus on each photo. I put photos of them from the year, and include a motivational message as well. With all the deals Shutterfly e-mails me, this tiny memento normally costs $15 or less. But my hope is down the road these are a priceless keepsake.img_6383

The kids know that they are getting a birthday book, but they are special to them (we asked Chase last year if we could stop since I was busy with a baby and got a resounding.. NO).

Normally this is the gift that is passed around during the party for each adult to ooh and ahh. It also results in all the birthday books from former years being brought out to reminisce. We sit as a family and look at how much they have grown over the years. That moment alone is worth the time and effort.

The plan going forward is to complete the collection of birthday books when they are 18. It’s my hope as adults they will be able to reflect back on their childhood and won’t need our family photo albums to do so!

I recommend starting this tradition in your own home! What’s a better gift and tradition than memories!

Click here to view this photo book larger

Photo books are the perfect gift for any occasion.


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  1. Pam Conlin

    Nice idea. I did something similar for my son as well and he loved it!
    It’s really rather simple and Shutterfly makes it affordable too!

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