3 Reasons to Blend Up Some Baby Food

Blend Baby FoodToday I took the plunge and did what I said I was never going to do: I made homemade baby food! I had been thinking, “like I have time for that, I’m a working mom” or “that’s something only those  mom’s do.” Well a month into maternity leave and browsing Pinterest,  I decided: “that would fill up some of my day time hours.”

And now I am totally addicted to making baby food! I will definitely still be doing this when I go back to work. I was skeptical and I hate cooking! But now I’m hooked for so many reasons:

  1. It’s EASY! I did it with a blender and some pots and pans. All those fancy machines really weren’t needed (Thank God the person on Craigslist never responded to my offer in time).
  2. It’s CHEAP! I made a ton of food at a fraction of the cost than what I was paying on baby food at the store. That was my main motivation to try it out.
  3. It’s better for baby! I hope that doesn’t make me a bad mom that being a cheapskate came before this one, but it was another factor. I always wondered in the back of my head what was in say, the baby bananas, that made them not taste like real bananas. I’m still not sure, but now I know what is in Tyler’s dish and I’d have to say since I sampled them all…they are Good! We may be sharing food in the future.

* Now I’m still not going to make all his food. The store bought stuff is convenient for traveling and I’m not about to start pureeing chicken and turkeys because that just sounds gross to me.  But as far as fruits and veggies go, all it took was a quick hour to make me a believer.


Making Baby Food

So here is an example of what I did. I found a lot of great suggestions on Pinterest, but the site I found most inspiration from was Baby Foodie.  She has amazing Pinterest pinned recipes. So I did a search based on what I had in the fridge and freezer, and voila, she seemed to have the perfect combinations.

Here’s how I made a prune blend for Tyler.

Note: I wanted to make a lot of this mix because my little guy seems to really need prunes if you know what I mean. So I used these ingredients:

– 4 pears

-10 prunes.

– Cloves for seasoning.

Baby Pear Prune

  1. I placed the prunes in a dish of hot water (think microwave for one minute hot). I left these in there for 10 minutes.
  2. Meanwhile, I didn’t have a steamer so I had to Google a makeshift steamer. Man I love Google! My successful steamer was just a big pot filed part-way with water. Then I took a small glass bowl and set in in the pot. On top of this I took a glass lid(the kind that covered cooking pots) and set it in upside down. In this way my fruit/veggies sit on the small lid. Then I place a larger lid over that. That traps the steam and a free steamer is born. Here is what it looked like.
  3. I peeled, costeam fruit, steam pearsred, and sliced the pears. They don’t have to be in small slices because they are going to get blended later. I placed them in the small lid, put the larger lid on, and let them steam for about 10 minutes. I checked them by sticking them with a fork. When they felt soft, I moved on.
  4. Then I threw the prunes, the pears, and about 1/4 cup of the steam water into my Ninja blender. I found it was better to make it more liquid-like because I always added in the Baby Oatmeal or Rice to thicken it lmaking baby foodater if I need to.
  5. When you have the desired consistency, pour it into ice cube trays and freeze. I also poured 2 baby food jars to use that day because as I said, Tyler was in need.baby prune pear





And that’s it! Super easy!! Looking back I will add apples or more ingredients on this one, but it was simple and tasted yummy! I’m actually looking forward to “sharing” them with my little guy!


Other Blends

Since it is so easy, cheap, healthy, fun, I’ve branched out and tried thbaby mango, carrot, gingere following recipes:

  •  sweet potato, apple, cinnamon
  • kiwi, apple, spinach
  •  avocado, spinach, oatmeal
  • peas
  • mango, carrot, apple, ginger, cinnamon
  • squash, apple, cinnamon
  • beets, oatmeal, cloves


Update!!:  An added benefit of this new homemade baby food is that the older berries are branching out on their willingness to taste. None of the original Peterson’s eats vegetables so this was big!

I guess they are taking their lead from Tyler. Each food I make I have asked him to take a baby spoonful to try. They have now had avocado for the first time and have been willing to try each blend. Avery lAvery Peterberry baby foodoved the mango, carrot blend so much I had to give her a jar to eat for a snack AND she doesn’t even like carrots! Maybe this baby food making will take my picky eaters to branch out a bit too. Even dad tried a bite!

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