10 Things No One Tells you about being Pregnant

Peterson-61Traveling through pregnancy for the second time in two years, I found myself thinking of all the things that people don’t really mention. It’s interesting in a world of negativity, most people gloss over the “yucks” of pregnancy and focus on that cute baby that’s coming.

Well here’s my list about the things no one talks about in pregnancy:

  1. Those cute baby bumps… yeah, you never feel “cute” when you start getting the bump. More like uncomfortable. By the end you’re waddling and feel like a Pillsbury dough boy. Nothing feels “cute” about that. It may look cute from afar, but in the moment it isn’t pleasant.
  2. Hemorrhoids. As if it wasn’t bad enough having a baby come out of your hole…another part of you wants to come out of your butt hole. A not-so-fun, obviously not talked about, bonus to look forward to during and after giving birth.
  3. Leaking….from…everywhere… Pretty much everywhere you can start to discharge you will at some point. You’ll be introduced to pads for places you didn’t know were invented. Another thing to look forward to!
  4. Sleepless nights. People feel sympathy when you have a newborn because they know you are up all night, but a pregnant woman has trouble sleeping as well. The websites say it’s your body getting ready for lack of sleep. You know what? I could have gotten ready after delivery. The never ending tired feeling gets old quickly. You know to expect little sleep once the baby comes, but no one tells you that towards the end of your pregnancy you already will be feeling a bit like a zombie. Maybe it’s the uncomfortable choices of sleeping positions that you use to adapt to your enormous belly, or the pounding going on in your stomach at 2am, but sleep feels like something you could use all the time.
  5. Swelling. I already suffer from water retention in hot weather, but this type of swelling turns your hands, feet, and ankles into something of a bad sci-fi movie. My daughter used to enjoy poking my feet when I returned from work and watching how slowly it took for the indents to go away. This swelling is something you get to endure in the last months of pregnancy and the first few weeks after delivery.
  6. Restless Leg Syndrome. I guess I’m glad someone didn’t tell me that pregnancy for me would be highlighted by a left leg that spends most of it’s days asleep. Think of the needles when your feet fall asleep. Some lucky women of pregnancy get to experience this throughout their legs. Then alternate that with the jerky movements you make and you’ve got restless leg. No one mentioned that when they were thinking of cute bundles of joy.
  7. Headaches. Think back to those days you were drinking late at night and the morning after headache? Well pregnancy is filled with those headaches, sans the wine indulgence.
  8. Itchy Skin. Remember when you were a kid and everyone scared you about the dangers and itches associated with poison ivy? You might be able to dodge the poisonous plants, but inevitably, as your skin stretches, you can look forward to all kinds of itches. I never knew bellies had the ability to itch…now I find myself scratching all the time!
  9. Ouch! You rise and stretch in bed…OUCH! What was that?? Maybe it was your round ligament pain. Or maybe, if you’re like me, it was the Charlie Horse cramp that sends a bolt piercing through your calf. Either way, there are many ouchies to experience during pregnancy. No one says, “oh you’re pregnant. Get ready to have random pains as you walk down the street.” But guess what? They do happen!

10. But why don’t they tell you? Because in the end, every mother would sacrifice through all of these things several times over, because the true reward is a child, and being a mother. It’s like instant amnesia and it suddenly becomes all worth it.

A pregnant woman endures it all to bring life into this world.

“I am a gift from God” Psalms 127:3

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